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To be a global centre of excellence in labour education, research and employment studies.


ILES exists to provide upskilling programmes through relevant labour education and training, research, employment studies and related services in line with market dynamics.

Our culture

Our culture is what makes us and what we are defined by. These are a collection values that distinguish us form other leaning institutions and will be the road map of all activities and regulations which will be used to manage, govern and ran this institution (the ILES Culture). These values define the image in which the College would like to portray to its stakeholders. As ILES, we believe that values have to be lived, and therefore, our strategic plan shall consciously develop specific initiatives that will ensure that values become part of the organization.

The members and stakeholders of ILES believes in:

1. Education and Training

2. Research and Development

3. Negotiations and Social Dialogue skills

4. Community Outreach and Civic Society Engagement